Cherrapunji: Absolutely Best Nature and Adventure Escape

The mesmeric destination hidden in the heart of Meghalaya, India, welcome to Cherrapunji. Having the distinction of being one of the wettest places on earth, Cherrapunji is blessed with mesmerising landscapes and numerous waterfalls amid lush greens. In our guide we will soon take you on a journey to discover the magic of town.

Walking through the thick tropical jungles while being surrounded by the enigmatic vibes, you undoubtedly have the mystical beauty all to yourself, including the splendorous Nohkalikai Falls falling from the roof of heaven. You can feel the living bridges which are true testament to the wonders of ancient engineering and the natural charm the scenery-held beauty of Khasi hills, living root bridges. It is a fast way to get your heart racing,…for adrenaline junkies, there are things like ziplining, caving….

Be welcomed with open arms by the Khasi tribe, get your taste buds tantalized by the lovely local cuisine with flavors that you will not be getting anywhere else. Put on your trekking shoes experience an unforgettable walk in the mesmerising hills and let the mist engulf you.

The Climate and Geography of Cherrapunji

Located in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, Cherrapunji has a subtropical highland climate Rainfall is heavy year-round in the town, a fact that may be behind its lushness greenery and rich foliage. A rolling landscape, deep valleys and beautiful waterfalls make up the geographical glory of Cherrapunji. Cherrapunji is a hot-spot for nature lovers and adventure seekers for the sole reason that here the nature uncovers itself like never before.

Cherrapunji is at its verdant best when it rains during the Monsoon, which is extreme even for the town. It is the heavy rainfall that many parts of the island receive and which nurtures many of the rivers and streams that drink from the region, that give rise to these water bodies in the midst of all the greenery. The fog gives a mysterious feel to the place making Cherrapunji even more enchanting.

Yet, the continuous rainfall has not been able to dampen the pleasant weather of Cherrapunji and that is what makes this destination so beautiful and a paradise for tourists trying to avoid the scorching heat of the plains. The cool temperature, and the natural beauty of this region makes latoto login Cherrapunji a must visit place for any nature lover or any adventure seeker.

Traditional Khasi dance performance in Cherrapunji

Significance of Cherrapunji

The historical significance of Cherrapunji goes back to the time when it was as known as Sohra. This town belonged to the ancient Khasi kingdom and had been living there the Khasi tribe for a long time. Khasi is that the name “Cherrapunji” is known by its original Khasi name Sohra “the land of oranges.” It keeps the history of the town alive through myths, customs and traditions which have been transmitted from generation to generation.

From the time of the British colonialists to Independence, Cherrapunji was known as the wettest place on Earth, a title it held for some time. The British settlers fell in love with the town and started tea cultivation in the region. Cherrapunji still carries the remnants of its colonial past in its buildings and structures, hinting at a glorious history to accompany its quaintly modern townships.

In doing so, what remains is a town that is purported to have seen the rise and fall of ancient civilizations and the remnants of the colonial legacy intertwined with what defines the contemporary township in Cherrapunji. Touring the museums through guided tours, interacting with the locals and learning about its rich history adds depth to the cultural heritage of the town for the visitors of Cherrapunjee.

Tourist Visit Nature Sights

This place is famous for the natural spots thereby reflecting the picturesque beauty of Meghalaya. It falls in a category of some of the must see sites like the Living Root Bridges which have been handcrafted by the local Khasi tribes using the roots of ficus trees. These living bridges are not just that but are also a reminder of how human beings and nature can coexist in harmony.

Tourist Trap In A CaveAnother amazing feat of nature in Cherrapunji is the Mawsmai Cave, which is a fascinating window to the subterranean world. Stalactite and stalagmite formations make the cave appear almost otherworldly and enchanting to people. Mawsmai Cave The perfect way to experience the geological wonders of Cherrapunji is by exploring the Mawsmai Cave.

Nohkalikai Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Cherrapunji dropping from a great height of above 1000 feet. With a complete green forest background accompanied by the cascading waters it forms a very small water fall. Please click once on this and the panorama view of the complete area is there in front of you it is the paradise for photographers. Nohkalikai Falls – The falls as a visual treat along with a poignant legend associated with them add to the mystique of the natural grandeur these falls put on display, making them favorite among the visitors.

Places of interest

Cherrapunji – This town not only boasts of pristine natural beauty, but also a cultural tapestry mirroring the traditions and heritage of the Khasi tribe. There are also colorful, local festivals celebrated in the town that showcase the Khasi traditions, music, dance and food. Cherrapunji welcomes visitors to be a part of the vibrant celebrations and to witness the age-old practices of the community.

Visitors are greeted with open hearts and minds by the Khasi tribe who have their own stories to convey, including their lifestylesuy, folklore and gastronomic treats available for the visitors endure a deeper search into their world. Visiting the local markets and talking to the local artisans gives you a taste of the craftwork and artistic talent of the indigenous people of Khasi. In the midst of such nature’s beauty, the cultural attractions of Cherrapunji offer an unprecedented holistic experience.

The Nongkrem Dance Festival, Shad Suk Mynsiem, and Behdienkhlam are festivals that symbolize the respect for nature, the coming together of the village, and the harmonious existence that the Khasis have with nature. These cultural events are not only a source of entertainment but also shed light on the ethos and values of Khasi society in Cherrapunji.

Mawsmai Cave with stalactite and stalagmite formations

Tourist In Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji is a hive of activities for a thrill-seeker and an adventure lover and it has a bouquet of adventurous activities that leave the travellers embarking on a peeress experience. One of the most popular adventure sports in Cherrapunji is trekking, with treks crisscross through thick jungles and misty valleys, both helping visitors explore the unblemished wilderness and the hidden treasures. The trails converge with up-to-8,000-foot viewpoints, isolated cascades, and little-known villages to create an all-encompassing expedition.

Caving is another thrilling activity that lures adventure buffs to the wide expanse of limestone caves in Cherrapunji. Tackling caving – Conguillio National Park Caving in the treacherous terrain of otherwise expansive mountains offer an exhilarating adventure for the adventurous souls. Guides lead guests on caving trips to ensure safety and both knowledge about geological features in the area.

Zip Line over some beautiful valleys of Cherrapunji and celar view of landscapes, streaming waterfalls. For anyone into outdoor adventures, ziplining is an experience that should not be overlooked due to the sheer adrenaline rush it provides as you soar across entire stretches, with nothing but the wind blowing against your face. The zipline courses in Cherrapunji are designed to be beginner-friendly as well as challenging and are available for people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests.

Recommended: Best Time To Visit Cherrapunjee

Cherrapunji receives most of its rainfall between June to September, and this is also the best time to visit Cherrapunji for waterfalls. It is a very beautiful time of year, as the jungle is nice and lush, flowers are blooming, waterfalls are flowing exceptionally, and there is an overall enchanted feel. Monsoon showers resurrect Cherrapunji as a green haven than provides a fresh angle of the natural beauty of the town.

Or one can visit during the post-monsoon months i.e. from October to February when the rains depart to tackle its less fortunate neighbour Sri Lanka. The heritage trail is most popular and comfortable during these months as are wildlife safaris, treks, and beach activities. Cold breezes and calming weather during this phase gives a respite from the hot summers and allows tourists to explore the tourist spots in Cherrapunji. Be it the monsoon magic or the postcard-perfect winters; Cherrapunji is beautiful, in all seasons of the year.

Where to stay

Cherrapunji has something for all, and one of the best stay option in Cherrapunji is waiting with much love to serve you. Home to everything from a comfortable guesthouse and a homestay to luxury resorts and eco-friendly lodges, the town has all stay options to offer amid its beauty. Visitors can get the feel of culture and hospitality of the region while staying in Cherrapunji.

There are a number of guesthouses and homestays in Cherrapunji, mostly run by local families, which allow you to see a little bit of the Khasi way of life and traditional hospitality. Your accommodation will become a part of this town along with delicious homemade food, local interactions and even a guided tour of the town. Combining with cozy cloudburst and roaring bandwagon of meandering rivers, Luxury resorts and Boutique Hotels in Cherrapunji records a perfect lodge for patrons who are looking for luxury amenities and services among such dashing scenic surrounding.

Eco-conscious travellers can find accommodation in Cherrapunji with a focus on environmental conservation and responsible tourism practices. They are ecologically engineered to be one with nature, making them a quiet escape from urban life. If you decide to stay in Cherrapunji, whether homestay, luxury resort, or eco-lodge, you will give you an incredible experience that no other places can bring to you.

Living root bridge in Cherrapunji amidst dense forest

Local Cuisine

The food of Cherrapunji, in essence, is a mix of traditional Khasi ingredients and flavours served with aromatic spices and fresh produce from the fertile lands of the area. The traditional Khasi cuisine stands testimony to the tribe’s deep rooted culinary heritage as they continue to enjoy food that is as basic as healthy and appetizing to the taste buds. Cherrapunji offers a range of culinary delights such as northern adventures for the meat lovers, vegetarian delights flavored with herbs typical to the region / place.

Jadoh is one of the special dish of Cherrapunji which is a strong fragrant rice made with addition of meat and onions and cooked on traditional spices. The dish is a perfect representation of Khasi cuisine with a combination of flavors and textures packed in every bite. One of the other local favorites, which also speaks volumes of the culinary expertise of the region, is the pork curry known as Dohneiiong, simmered along with black sesame seeds and bamboo shoot.

While vegetarians can savour dishes such as Pumaloi – a turmeric leaf wrapped rice cake and Tungrymbai – a spicy fermented soybean chutney. These stunning plant-forward dishes spotlight the wealth and depth of Khasi vegetarian food, promoting the importance of local produce and traditional cooking methods to this area. Food options in Cherrapunji: The roadside food stalls at Cherrapunji are the best place for you to enjoy the local flavour of the town.


Experience of a Bang For Buck Trip to Awe-Inspiring Landscapes of Cherrapunji along-with Rich Cultural Heritage and Action-Packed Activity Itinerary making the place both Content For All types of explorers. From nature lovers to history buffs to adrenaline junkies to foodies, Cherrapunji has something in it for everyone. A mystical little town, where the people are warm, nature’s at it’s best and it leaves an ever lasting touch, that one can never escape. If you like reading this article then please consider reading our article about Venice.