Indonesia vs Libya: A Quest for Redemption and Asian Cup Preparation

Indonesia vs Libya: Squad Selection and Tactical Adjustments

The Indonesia vs Libya match is crucial for the Garuda, serving as a pivotal test for their strategies and cohesion. This game comes ahead of the highly anticipated 2023 Asia Cup, putting the national team’s abilities to the ultimate test. Football enthusiasts eagerly await the rematch, hopeful that the national team’s dedication translates into a commendable on-field performance.

Indonesia vs. Libya Match: Showcasing the Team’s Framework

During Indonesia vs. Libya, Coach Shin unveils the team’s 2023 Asia Cup Group D strategy. Unlike the previous encounter, Shin must field the best lineup, allowing a maximum of six player substitutions. This friendly against Libya is crucial for finalizing Asia Cup preparations and laying the groundwork for planned adjustments in the subsequent clash against Iraq during the group stage.

Amid these preparations, expectations are high for Shin’s tactical exercises. The potential use of a three-parallel defender formation, smoothly transforming into a five-defender setup when defending, has proven effective against teams of similar or superior quality. The Indonesia vs. Libya matchup promises to showcase strategic prowess and skill, capturing the attention of fans and football enthusiasts alike.

Indonesia vs Libya football match action, players vying for ball, stadium full of spectators, showcasing intense competition.

Indonesia vs Libya football match action, players vying for ball, stadium full of spectators, showcasing intense competition.

Lessons Learned from the First Friendly Match Against Libya

The previous encounter with Libya ended in a disappointing 0-4 defeat for Indonesia in the Indonesia vs Libya match. In that match, Shin employed a 4-4-2 formation, deviating from his usual tactics. Although Indonesia enjoyed 60 percent possession, the team’s defense proved vulnerable, allowing Libya to create 15 shots on goal. Shin acknowledged that the first match focused more on improving players’ physical condition, refraining from providing tactical instructions.

Indonesia vs Libya Rematch: Absolute Change in Starting Lineup 

Indonesia vs. Libya, the starting lineup for Indonesia will see significant changes compared to the previous game. Initially, only two naturalized players, Marc Klok and Rafael Struick, were featured. However, in this upcoming match, there will likely be more opportunities for naturalized players to start from the beginning.


It’s highly likely that domestic players from Liga 1 will be in the starting lineup. Key figures could include goalkeeper Ernando Ari, center back Rizky Ridho, and striker Dimas Drajad. Other potential starters are Asnawi Mangkualam, Marselino Ferdinan, and Justin Hubner. Players like Jordi Amat, Ivar Jenner, Shayne Pattynama, Sandy Walsh, and Struick might also feature.

The Mainstay Formation and Playing Style in Indonesia vs Libya

Shin’s preferred formation is anticipated to be a 3-5-2, which can transform into a 5-4-1 during defensive situations. Indonesia will rely on a solid defense and quick counter-attacks, emphasizing the need for a disciplined backline. In the first friendly match against Libya, these two aspects were lacking, preventing Indonesia from posing a significant threat to Libya’s defense. Shin has trained his players to execute short passes to dismantle tight spaces in the opponent’s defense.

Witan’s New Role in the National Team for Indonesia vs Libya

Witan Sulaeman, previously a winger, has adeptly transitioned to a left wing-back role at Persija Jakarta and Bhayangkara FC. However, under Coach Shin’s guidance in the Garuda team, he has been playing as a right wing-back. This shift was evident in the initial match against Libya, where Witan’s attacking skills shone on the right. He formed a productive partnership with right-wing midfielder Egy Maulana Vikri. Witan asserts that playing as a wing-back on either side is seamless for him. This showcases his adaptability and commitment to follow the coach’s instructions. His flexibility significantly contributes to the team’s success.

Absence of Borneo FC Players and High Hopes for the Asian Cup


A notable development in the squad selection for the 2023 Asia Cup is Coach Shin’s decision to exclude Adam Alis and Arkhan Fikri. This move also marks the absence of players from Borneo FC, a departure from the norm. For the first time, the Indonesian squad lacks representation from the top team of the domestic league. In past Asian Cup participations, there was a consistent inclusion of players from reigning champions or the current league leaders, highlighting a shift in selection strategy for the upcoming tournament.


Amidst the alteration in squad composition, Chairman of PSSI Erick Thohir retains optimism for the players selected for the 2023 Asia Cup in Qatar. He expresses hope that the chosen players will showcase their best performances and exemplify a robust fighting spirit on the field. Thohir underscores the significance of the Asian Cup as a vital benchmark for evaluating the quality of Indonesian football. Emphasizing the opportunity to compete against Asia’s finest players and teams, he views the tournament as a crucial platform to gauge Indonesia’s standing on the continental stage.

Strategies to Overcome Weaknesses in Indonesia vs Libya Match

Having learned from their defeat in the previous friendly match against Libya, Indonesia’s national team is keen on addressing their weaknesses and implementing effective strategies. One of the primary areas of concern is the vulnerability of their defense in the Indonesia vs Libya rematch. In the upcoming match, Coach Shin Tae-yong will emphasize defensive solidity and organization to prevent the opponents from creating scoring opportunities.


The three parallel defender formation, which can transform into a five defender formation when needed, is expected to better protect Indonesia’s goal in the Indonesia vs Libya rematch. This formation provides additional support on the defensive end, making it harder for the opposition to penetrate the backline. The defenders will be encouraged to stay compact and maintain a high level of communication to avoid any defensive lapses.


Another aspect that needs improvement is Indonesia’s attacking prowess in the Indonesia vs Libya rematch. In the previous game, the team struggled to break down Libya’s defense and failed to generate meaningful scoring chances. Shin has been working with his players on building quick attacking transitions and cohesive movement in the offensive third, enabling them to create scoring opportunities with short passes and intelligent runs.


The focus on quick counter-attacks will be crucial in the Indonesia vs Libya rematch to catch the opponents off-guard and exploit any defensive vulnerabilities. The midfielders and forwards will be instructed to play off each other, making sharp runs and exchanging quick passes to bypass the opposition’s defense. Playing with speed and precision in the final third will be vital for Indonesia’s success in the rematch against Libya.

Coach Shin Tae-yong at Indonesia vs Libya match, giving instructions, in team gear, with stadium visible in the background.

Coach Shin Tae-yong at Indonesia vs Libya match, giving instructions, in team gear, with stadium visible in the background.

Leveraging Naturalized Players in the Indonesia vs Libya Rematch

The presence of naturalized players could significantly boost the Indonesian national team in the Indonesia vs. Libya rematch. Marc Klok and Rafael Struick, both contributors in the previous friendly against Libya, bring valuable experience and quality to the team. In the rematch, they are expected to play key roles from the start, offering stability and leadership on the field.


Klok, a Dutch-born midfielder, has exhibited his ability to control the midfield, distribute accurate passes, and contribute defensively. His European playing experience adds a valuable dimension to Indonesia’s gameplay in the Indonesia vs. Libya rematch, improving connectivity between defense and attack. Meanwhile, Struick, a Dutch-born center-back, brings a commanding presence in defense, aiding in organizing the backline and thwarting opponents’ advances.


Both naturalized players have integrated well into the team and have showcased their commitment and dedication to the national cause. Their inclusion in the starting lineup will not only strengthen Indonesia’s overall performance in the Indonesia vs Libya rematch but also inspire and motivate their teammates to raise their level of play.

Importance of the 2023 Asia Cup

The 2023 Asia Cup is a pivotal moment for Indonesian football, especially in the rematch against Libya. It’s an opportunity to gauge Indonesia’s progress and test their mettle against Asia’s top teams. This event also serves as a platform to display Indonesia’s potential internationally. Erick Thohir, the Chairman of PSSI, views this as a golden opportunity for Indonesian players. He believes it’s their chance to showcase their skills and compete with the continent’s best.


Participating in the Asian Cup has always marked a significant milestone for Indonesia, reflecting their progress and standing in Asian football. In previous editions, players from the reigning champions or the current top team in domestic competition represented the national team. However, this time around, the focus is solely on selecting the best players, irrespective of their club affiliations.

The absence of Borneo FC players, currently leading in BRI Liga 1, differs from the norm. However, this allows a broader talent pool to shine on the Asian stage. The commitment and determination of selected players will be crucial. It proves Indonesian football’s upward trajectory, capable of competing against the region’s powerhouses.