Co-Sponsored by the St. Clair Butterfly Foundation

The Yoga by Design Foundation teamed up with the St. Clair Butterfly Foundation to bring the peace and healing powers of yoga to the at-risk students of Madison Preparatory High School. We were provided feedback from the High School Principal Leslie Renne Kegebein, and here's what she had to say about our services:

"The Yoga Program at Madison Prep ran for 8 weeks and was very well received by our students. Due to our at-risk population and their lack of comfort in being vulnerable, it was amazing to see the kids participate.  They slowly let their walls down and began to trust the process and trust the instructor.  Yoga was instrumental in helping the kids relax and take on a different attitude when things during the day caused them stress.  It also was a perfect opportunity for kids who came to school with a chip on their shoulder, to de-stress and get a fresh perspective!"

Shannon Deasy has taught yoga at the Madison Prep Alternative High School, working with at risk teens ages 14-18. Being a teenager can be hard, especially when the odds are stacked against you. That's why these young women keep returning to yoga.

These at risk teens notice a decrease in negative self-talk and yoga has helped them develop self-esteem and confidence. There have been fewer arguments and less friction between peers, yoga has helped these teens assimilate with one another and settle conflict.

The yoga program at Madison Prep has attributed to an overall supportive environment and growth in community. We hope that the positive reactions we have recieved from this program will shed light on future yoga programs with the St. Clair Butterfly Foundation.

It means that I learn about my bone structure and relaxation and everything, I like it. It has been helping me with breathing techniques, relaxing, and being less angry.
— Landy
I like being in yoga because it’s something different to learn.
— Akira
Yoga means a lot to me. It’s something I can barely put into words. It helps me focus and concentrate on myself. Yoga helps as a coping skill to maintain my anger management and that’s all I could ask for.
— Toriana
It means a lot to people, I just like that it makes me more flexible.
— Daiquan
Yoga means to get away from all the negative things in my life. It teaches me to stay calm and chill.
— Demetrius
Yoga keeps you moving in a relaxing way. It keeps a person calm and relaxed and it helps put your body in shape.
— Mary