YBDF Liaison Guidelines

Coordinate with Instructor and/or Organization Representative (Org. Rep.) to visit the program twice-yearly. 

  • Record observations, testimonials, and photos or videos of the class.
  • Interview Instructor and Org. Rep. Record their comments.

Encourage active, thorough, compelling reporting by Instructor and Org. Rep.

Session Completion Reports are submitted with Invoices each session (generally every 8-12 weeks). Reports must include attendance, photos & testimonials. We also welcome a walkthrough/lesson of a YMM technique covered in the class. Reporting forms are available at www.ybdf.org/instructors

Journals, testimonials, and other documents may be submitted after each class via the instructors’ page or www.ybdf.org/report

Testimonials are engaging stories from program participants, the instructor, and/or organization representatives. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Descriptions of participants' lives - home, family, school, etc.
  • Participants’ experiences with the YBDF program.
  • Participants taking their Yoga/Mindfulness/Meditation ("YMM") practice off the mat.
  • Stories about the lasting influence YBDF programs have had on past participants.

Offer to support the Instructor.

  • Offer to bring printed journaling & reporting forms.
  • Ask the instructor if they have any concerns or questions. If unable to answer, assure them that you will find out and get back to them.
  • Inform them if any yoga supplies are needed that YBDF may be able to procure them.
  • Keep in touch with instructor via phone or email, if appropriate. Feel free to catch up & offer support.

Encourage the Org. Rep. to recognize & support YBDF & Yogathon.

  • Encourage organization to include a logo and a link to our website on their website.
  • Encourage Org. to recognize YBDF on social media at least once per session and at any other opportunity (TV, radio, print, etc.). Organizations are encouraged to recognize YBDF in ways they deem appropriate.
  • Encourage organization to support Yogathon by inviting their staff, volunteers, and audience to participate in Yogathon (sponsorships, raffle, classes, volunteering, etc.). If relationship is established with the Org. Rep., consider requesting that they or one of the program participants appear during one Yogathon class to speak or sharing a meaningful story regarding the impact of the YBDF program on their lives or the lives of those who are served.
  • Become familiar with the program or organization you are visiting by reviewing their website (if one exists) & “liking” their Facebook page (if one exists). Occasionally check if YBDF is mentioned, making sure that the post is also on the YBDF Facebook page.
  • Keep in touch with Org. Rep. via phone or email, if appropriate. Feel free to catch up & offer support.

🙏 Thank you for being a program liaison and supporting YBDF programs!