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inMind offers school-wide mindfulness training to empower children and teachers with tools that promote self-awareness, confidence, self-regulation, empathy and resilience. Every child and educator deserves a mindful school culture to help reset, refocus and reignite effective learning environments.

An overactive nervous system impedes the student’s ability to learn and the teacher’s ability to effectively teach. inMind has facilitated a positive impact for students and teachers including improved student attention spans, ability to self-regulate emotional responses, empathy towards classmates and conflict resolution. inMind's mission is to build awareness and help create school-wide mindful cultures within our communities.

YBDF inMind instructors Katie & Grace offer a 30 minute lesson to 7 classrooms each week at Pleasantview Elementary School in Eastpointe. This week, through instruction on "Heartfulness," students learned how words have energy, and how important it is to offer ourselves forgiveness and kind affirmationswhether we are feeling good or bad.

One student reported: 

"It felt good saying kind wishes to others,
my heart felt warm

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