YBDF Grantee Portal

This page is for YBDF grant recipients. Click here for YBDF Participant forms.

Use these forms to share about your program with YBDF and to satisfy your grant-reporting requirements. YBDF shares stories and information with donors and grant-making organizations to sustain YBDF programs for years to come. 

Please note that the web-forms (red buttons) cannot be saved as you work, so they must be completed in one sitting.
Alternatively, feel free to email documents to jacob@yogabydesignfoundation.org, or mail to:
Yoga by Design Foundation
PO Box 1055 /  Birmingham, MI 48012

Invoice & Session Report

After all classes of a grant cycle or a shorter “session” are completed, grantees must submit an invoice and satisfactory session report within 30 days to receive payment.


Session Report

Instructors and Organization Representatives are invited to use the session report form at ybdf.org/report to submit updates at any time.

At least one session report per grant cycle will be required from Organization Representatives beginning in July 2019. Organization Representatives, such as guidance counselors or staff who regularly engage with participants, offer an invaluable perspective as they are uniquely able to see the impact of the program outside of the class.

The session report must, when possible include participant questionnaires and high quality pictures, videos, or audio clips of participants, and photo release forms, if necessary.

Some ideas of what we are looking for: What did participants say about the program? What impact did the practice have on the participants (attitude, behavior, etc.)? Please provide any anecdotes or testimonials about the background of participants and benefits of the program, such as:

•      Descriptions of participants' lives - home, family, school, etc. and any changes since beginning the program.
•      Participants’ responses to the YBDF program.
•      Participants taking their yoga, mindfulness, or meditation ("YMM") practice off the mat, using the programs tools in their daily lives to manage emotions, challenges, conflicts, etc. 
•      Stories about the lasting influence YBDF programs have had on past participants.
•      View some examples at ybdf.org/testimonials

Documents may be emailed to jacob@yogabydesignfoundation.org

Grant Renewal

Apply for classes taking place between January 1 and June 30 by October 31.
Apply for classes taking place between July 1 and December 31 by April 30.

Please request funding for all classes that will take place during the grant cycle, regardless of any unused funds from the previous cycle.*

Please email any updated Insurance Documents, CPR Certifications, or Yoga/Mindfulness/Meditation Instruction Certifications to jacob@yogabydesignfoundation.org

*If we do not approve a grant renewal request, YBDF may permit the instructor to invoice for the remaining funds from the previously approved grant request.
If we
do approve a grant renewal request, the unused funds from the previously approved grant do not "roll over" — they are not added to the new grant amount. Instructors may only invoice YBDF up to the amount granted by YBDF for classes taught in the current grant cycle.

Grant Acceptance

Questions? Contact:

Ellen Franklin, Program Committee Chair

Jacob Bolton, Operations Manager

Lynn Medow, YBDF President