YBDF Mission

The Yoga by Design Foundation transforms lives through the healing practices of yoga, mindfulness and meditation, empowering underserved individuals and populations to live to their highest potential.

What We Do

YBDF provides yoga, mindfulness, and meditation (YMM) practice — at no cost — to a variety of recipients, including persons with cancer, physical and mental disabilities, at-risk youth, homeless young adults, incarcerated young men, and veterans healing from sexual abuse and PTSD, and others.

YBDF Origins

In 2011, Lynn Medow launched the Yoga by Design Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, to offer yoga to under-served populations. She was motivated to do so as she personally experienced the healing power and benefits of this practice.

Yoga is empowerment,” says Medow, who built a successful for-profit yoga company after a decades-long career in social services. “I feel driven to empower each student and guide them back to their strongest, balanced Self." Recognizing that yoga and meditation enables individuals to take responsibility for themselves and reach their highest potential, Medow chose to take her yoga practice off the mat and into the lives of others.

The Yoga by Design Foundation unites yoga instructors, practitioners, and the community around a common cause: Providing yoga to people that need it most but have no access to affordable programs. Yoga by Design Foundation classes are free for participants.

“So many yoga teachers desire to reach populations who need to learn coping mechanisms to handle situations in their daily lives,” says Medow. “The biggest obstacle is lack of funding. The Yoga by Design Foundation raises money to fund these programs so that yoga teachers can devote their time to doing what they do best: teaching yoga.”