Whether or not you can work at home, you can always Om at Work.


Bring Yoga, MIndfulness and Meditation Practice into your place of work

Om at Work is a unique program offering workplace YMM instruction in exchange for a meaningful donation. Contact us for more information.

Increase productivity, Employee Retention and wellness

Mindfulness meditation is a staple of employee development in several Fortune 500 organizations including General Mills, Goldman Sachs, Google, Apple, and Nike. Fidelity Investments reports that 22% of employers offered mindfulness training programs in 2016.

Is it time to bring these empowering practices to your workplace?

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Could your workplace, group or organization benefit from a yoga, mindfulness, or meditation program while supporting yoga, mindfulness and meditation for underserved communities in Michigan?

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Did you know?

Om (also spelled Aum) is a syllable, symbol and mantra used in many yoga and meditation practices. Yogis around the world chant this sound as part of a practice to calm themselves and connect with the self.