Oakland County Children's Village Foundation

We are excited to have been able to provide Yoga to Children's Village.  Children's Village is a county operated youth home was established in 1929 to provide a facility for troubled youth and juvenile offenders.  Their mission is to provide the best possible services within existing resources to children and youth who come under the jurisdiction of the court and are deemed to be temporarily in need of out-of-home care, custody and treatment, delivered in a caring, safe and therapeutic setting, which also serves to protect the public.

Julie offered classes that encouraged the residents to focus on how to empower themselves to find the strength they need within to manage their lives. 

Julie found that one of the most effective tools was to actually have the students volunteer to teach class and take their peers through flows. This was an empowering exercise at all of the buildings.  This strategy fostered respect and increased the students skills in many areas.  This opportunity to teach proved the residents an increase in confidence, shared respect and improved skills in listening and working as a team as they followed each other in the yoga flow.  They continue to ask each week if they can help teach the class.