Yoga By Design Foundation Yogathon Press! Our Recent Three Minutes of Fame!



Yoga By Design Foundation founder Lynn Medow got an opportunity to talk over the weekend with our local news station WXYZ Channel 7 about our annual Yogathon.

The Yogathon took place on Sunday September 14th and was a huge success! Thank you to all that came out, to the vendors, to those who participated, our volunteers, to Karma Yoga for hosting and of course to all that were able to make a donation. We THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! 

For each donation of $20 to practice at our Yogathon (which we'll be doing again next year!), that $20 goes directly to underwrite the cost of 2 yoga classes for people that need yoga the most. Yoga By Design Foundation works to bring yoga to children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities, veterans, survivors and patients with cancer, political refugees and those that don't have access to or can not afford yoga. These are the folks that benefit THE MOST from Yoga's healing ability.

How does Yoga heal?

Yoga heals - in one way - by encouraging the body to slip into the parasympathetic nervous system state. This is the nervous system state in which our bodies rest, digest and heal. The sympathetic nervous system state is the commonly known as "fight or flight" state, where the body is working to maintain stress levels more prominantly. This takes the body's focus away from healing, soothing the system and supporting a healthy body and mind. The peaceful, sweetness, softness and simplicity of yoga can be enjoyed by everybody - and for every "body" type. 

Everyone needs/deserves yoga! 

Thanks again to all that came. It was a great time and a beautiful day!