Center For Exceptional Families

We are pleased to continue to support the work of the "Center for Exceptional Families".  The text below is excerpted from a report on the results of the last Program.

"Our group consisted of 12 child/parent dyads. The mean age of the patients was 13.1 years old and ranged from 6 years to 26 years old.  The patients’ diagnoses included spastic cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, Prader Willi syndrome, hypotonia, and cognitive impairments. By providing our patients with opportunity for physical activity and teaching parents and caregivers about healthy living, we were successful in fighting obesity. Given the achievements of this program and our past two programs, our center plans on offering additional programs in the future. Our goals is toincrease the number of participants and collect more specific measures of change before and after our program as the literature is lacking on specific methods for decreasing obesity in children with special healthcare needs.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the “Yoga by Design” grant for their ongoing support of this program. Not only did they graciously cover the cost of our yoga instructor and dietician, their contribution also allowed us to purchase materials to enrich our program, including take home recipe books for each parent, take home yoga CDs for each child, water bottles for each child, cooking materials for our cooking class, goal chart supplies to be used in the home, and certificates of completion. Your financial support and generosity is appreciated more than words can say. We would also like to the “Medals for Mettle” Organization for graciously awarding our participants with real half and full marathon medals from around the country. Thank our many volunteers and peer mentors who made this program successful. Without your contributions this program would not be possible."