Use these forms to communicate with the YBDF team about your grant. Please note that the web-forms (red buttons) cannot be saved as you work, so they must be completed in one sitting. Alternatively, feel free to email documents to, or mail to:

Yoga by Design Foundation
PO Box 1055 /  Birmingham, MI 48012

New Applicants

This page is intended for YBDF grant recipients. Click here if you are a new applicant.

Journaling Forms

Session Completion Documents

TO be submitted Within 1 Month after each 8, 10, or 12 week session

YBDF must receive

  • Attendance and demographics of the students
  • Dates of the session
  • High quality pictures or videos of participants with photo release forms.
  • Testimonials: engaging stories from program participants and/or organization staff. These may include, but are not limited to:
    • Descriptions of participants' lives - home, family, school, etc.
    • Participants’ experiences with the YBDF program.
    • Participants taking their Yoga/Mindfulness/Meditation ("YMM") practice off the mat.
    • Stories about the influence YBDF programs has had on students who are no longer in the program.
    • A walkthrough/lesson of a YMM technique covered in the class.


Grant Renewal

Renew Your Grant By April 30 and October 31

Grant Renewal Application [PDF]

Beginning in 2018, YBDF is implementing a biannual grant renewal process, meaning instructors/program coordinators request renewal just twice per year. Apply for sessions between January and June by October 31. Apply for sessions between July and December by April 30. 

Program reports, testimonials, pictures, and invoices are still submitted after 8, 10, or 12 sessions, so instructors may be compensated. YBDF will continue to be understanding if session dates shift from what was proposed, provided these changes are communicated to YBDF at the completion of the session.

Questions? Need Yoga mats or Props? Contact:

Jacob Bolton, YBDF Operations Manager

Lynn Medow, YBDF President