Use these forms to communicate with the YBDF team about your grant. Please fill out forms online, email completed PDFs or scanned images to, or mail to

Yoga by Design Foundation

PO Box 1055 /  Birmingham, MI 48012


New Applicants

Grant Application [PDF]

Your program starts here! Apply for funding for your yoga program. Current Yoga Teacher Certification or equivalentCPR training documentation, and proof of insurance are required to receive funding. Email to

Grant Acceptance Contract [PDF]

After YBDF approves your grant application, instructors and organizations use this form to commit to the terms of the grant.


Program Coordinators

Program Completion Form [PDF]

Did your program meet your expectations? How many people attended your sessions? Send all pictures, data, testimony, etc. from your program to

Invoice [PDF]

At program completion, send invoice to

Grant Renewal Application [PDF]

30 days notice is required for Grant Renewal. All applicants must complete the criteria of the Grant Acceptance Contract to be eligible for Grant Renewal. Email updated insurance and CPR training documentation to



Optional journaling forms soon to come...

Questions? Contact: