The Developing K.I.D.S. program is designed to strengthen urban communities by guiding youth in their mental, physical and educational growth, helping to strengthen and empower young adults, and providing opportunities for all to become strong contributors to their community through positive youth, family, and community workshops and activities.

"At-risk youth", "hard-to-reach youth", "former gang members", "playful children", "urban young men and women" – these descriptions are that of youth in Developing K.I.D.S. We exist to give them opportunities.

Yoga by Design has unleashed motivation, trust, healing, confidence and hope through basic techniques. Initial negative thoughts of their physical limitations were demolished through their trust, concentration and inner motivation under the delicate instruction of Susann and Desiree. Whether it's an 18 year-old or and 11 year-old, these youth look forward to seeing their instructor guide them through this unexpected experience that is empowering them in many aspects of their lives.