Co-sponsored by the Detroit Lions

Yoga class for girls at The Detroit Lion’s Academy began the first of February, 2013.  The mission of this class is to provide these students with tools that empower them to skillfully live healthy, fulfilling lives.  So what do the weekly classes look like?

Students prepare for class by obtaining their yoga mat and finding their place in the room.  As everyone settles onto their mat, we have a brief discussion of the theme for the week which offers an intention for each girl to contemplate while centering (quietly turning inward with the breath).  From there they use their breath to lead them through yoga postures, yoga games (cooperative and supportive) and relaxation/meditation.  There is a recap of the theme at the end of class, encouraging the students to take these qualities off their mat and incorporate them into their daily lives. Handouts each week include activities for home use and occasionally homework to be brought back to class.

We began the semester with a brief background of the origins of yoga and moved into a discussion of ‘Nobel Speech’, speech that is expected to be used in class.  The four aspects of ‘Noble Speech’ are”:

Is it necessary to say?
Is it the right time to say it?
Are you certain it to be true?
Can you say it with kindness?
Allow your words to be free of lies, gossip, idle chatter and negativity.  Be impeccable with your word.
Each week a new theme is explored.  The poses chosen for the week, work to help students embody positive qualities of the theme.  Topics explored so far include; integrity, “ahimsa” (living free of harmful actions toward self and all other beings), courage, affirmations, balance, self-care and self-awareness through postures, joyful hearts, and compassion.

These young ladies eagerly attend class and have shown interest in all areas, especially relaxation/meditationat the end of class.  It has been an extreme pleasure for me to have this opportunity to meet these young ladies and share this time with them.