Founded with the goal of providing dignity and respect to those that had been institutionalized and forgotten, the Calumet Center, sponsored by Spectrum Human Services  seeks to empower and strengthen individuals, families and communities. They wisely have identified that yoga, mindfulness & meditation provide tools to young men in the juvenile justice system to learn, heal, grow & develop the ability to re-integrate into their communities.

The young men repeatedly express their appreciation for the dedication and guidance of YBDF instructor, Matthew Darling Matthew is committed to exposing the practice of yoga to individuals of all ages and backgrounds throughout metro Detroit. Matthew approaches his daily yoga and meditation practice as a foundational component of his life, Matthew is the epitome of an individual who leads a healthy lifestyle in mind, body and spirit. He brings a sense of individualized teaching to each student that extends beyond the yoga room. Through his compassionate, light-hearted and spirited instruction, he inspires each student to open themselves to the discoveries and truths that yoga reveals.

Matthew presented each participant a certificate of completion at the completion of the second session which included the series of Asanas taught in the class each week. The young men were grateful to have the illustrations so they could continue to practice on their own.

Matthew Darling Certificate.jpg
Out of my whole entire life I never once was introduced to yoga until I came to Calumet. To me, when I first started I didn’t like it... I didn’t [give up] and a week went by and I gave it [another] chance. The teacher helped me step by step and made each class worth going to... Thank you for the opportunity.
— Crispin